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Top Multi-layer PCB Supplier in the world

When looking for a multi-layer PCB supplier, there are several factors that you should consider. For starters, you should look for smaller geometry, antipodes, and registered vias. These measures will reduce the overall cost of the PCB. Additionally, you should check electrical testing to prevent short circuits.


Amitron is a multi-layer PCB supplier that specializes in manufacturing boards with high-end technology. The company produces boards with up to 30 layers, fine lines as small as.003″, and advanced technology such as buried vias and controlled impedance. In addition, the company uses a high level of cleanliness and precision to ensure that the finished products meet the requirements of their customers.

Multilayer PCBs are increasingly popular in the electronics industry. They are essential in high-performance electronics and mobile devices. As such, more industries are turning to them for their products. Amitron has the technology and experience to deliver custom-designed boards that meet the strictest requirements.

Multilayer PCBs are durable due to their multiple layers of insulation. These boards can withstand high pressure, temperature changes, and weight. A prepreg bonding agent also binds them together. This method of production also makes them reliable and trustworthy. Multilayer PCBs’ quality is crucial to an electronic project’s success.

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A multi-layer PCB is a circuit board that has multiple layers. Each layer comprises predefined connections, making it more complex than a single-layer PCB. A reputable multi-layer PCB supplier can provide the components you need to build your next product. An 8-layered prototype FR-4 PCB is another type of multi-layer PCB. The digital ground plane prevents noise coupling, while the analog ground plane is ideal for impedance control.

When designing multi-layer PCBs, you’ll need to think in three dimensions. First, you’ll need to consider internal effects and how they will affect the design. For example, you may need to put a noisy part in a particular location but have sensitive routing underneath. With this type of multi-layer PCB, your design team will need to consider the effects of each layer and the best place to place them.

A multi-layer PCB can be more complex and require more testing than a single PCB. Because of this, multi-layer PCBs may take longer to manufacture. Multilayer PCBs may also be more difficult to repair compared to single-layer boards. Depending on your board type, it may even require a complete replacement.


PCBASIC is a multi-layer PCB supplier with an expert team dedicated to creating innovative solutions for your design. They will work with you every step, from the design to the final production. They have more than 120,000 satisfied customers and employ 13 quality control steps to ensure that the PCBs they create meet the highest standards.

Multilayer PCBs consist of four to twelve layers. The choice of lamination will depend on the design and type of application. In addition, the number of active and passive components will also dictate the choice of substrate. As a result, multi-layer PCBs require advanced knowledge of design rules, experience with CAD tools, and domain expertise. Multilayer PCBs are increasingly helpful in consumer electronics, such as smartphones.

We manufacture multi-layer PCBs by laminating prepreg and copper on a PCB core. This process ensures that no air is in between the two conductive layers. The prepreg resin then melts and cures on the adjacent conductive layers. The resulting PCB is insulated and bonded. The copper layers are then imaged or etched to create a circuit on conductive. This is then connected to other layers using PTH holes.

Advanced Circuitry International

Advanced Circuitry International has been in business since 1992 and has several locations worldwide. They specialize in PCBs up to 40 layers and feature advanced fabrication techniques and clean rooms.

Advanced Circuitry has a highly skilled assembly staff and focuses on customer satisfaction. Their products are tested and approved in-process, ensuring maximum quality and reliability. Advanced Circuitry International is also committed to continuous improvement and keeps on integrating new processes for a better PCB manufacturing process.

Advanced Circuitry International specializes in complex RF/Microwave PCBs and supports a broad spectrum of frequency bands. They also have extensive experience fabricating low-loss laminates. Their capabilities include multilevel cavities for RF connector launch sites, high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs and exotic material composite structures.

Shenlian Circuits

Shenlian Circuits Co Ltd is a design house and semiconductor manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They have subsidiaries in the US and Europe. They also have extensive R&D facilities.

SSE specializes in high-quality, high-density printed circuit boards. The company’s products are helpful in various fields, including computer servers, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical and industrial control. The company’s R&D department has always focused on high-end products for industrial applications. Among other things, their HD1 boards have been recognized as high-tech products by Guangdong province.

In addition to manufacturing multi-layer PCBs, Shenlian Circuits also produces high-density interconnect (HDI) and double-sided PCBs. China’s largest private PCB manufacturer has six subsidiaries and distributors in different countries. Their featured products include multi-layer, microwave, heavy copper, and flexible boards. They serve numerous enterprises in high-tech industries, including consumer electronics, smart devices, medical devices, and communications equipment.

Camptech II Circuits

If you are looking for multi-layer PCB suppliers worldwide, then Camptech II Circuits is the right place to start. This company produces high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards with stacked microvias and controlled impedance. With more than 40 years of experience, Camptech II Circuits has the know-how and capability to manufacture a wide range of printed circuit boards. In addition, they offer quick-turn prototype manufacturing and box-build assembly services.

Camptech II Circuits is located in Santa Ana, California, and can manufacture single and double-sided printed circuit boards. They can also fabricate multi-layer boards, including those with four layers. In addition, they have the equipment and staff to design and manufacture custom multi-layer PCBs with tight tolerances.

Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits Co Ltd is a world-renowned manufacturer of printed circuit boards and packaging substrates. The company’s diverse range of products serves industries ranging from aerospace to automobile electronics to data centers and communications equipment manufacturers. In addition, the company offers a full range of services, from product design to sourcing, including electronics assembly.

Its product range includes two-to-eight-layer boards, as well as single-panel boards. The company has traditionally served medical, industrial, and security electronics customers. Suntak Electronics also produces single-panel boards. Its other divisions, Suntak Jiangsu Pronova Electronics and Suntak Circuit focus on packaging substrates. In addition to the consumer electronics and automotive sectors, it also offers products for the outdoor display and optical fiber communications industries.

Shennan Circuits has built a large plant in Wuxi. It is also expanding its facilities in Jiangmen. In addition, the company is planning to build a fourth building in Heshan. It also recently acquired eXeption Circuits, a UK-based multi-layer PCB supplier.

Ibiden Co. Ltd.

The Japanese company Ibiden Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Ogaki, Gifu prefecture, and specializes in manufacturing electronics-related and ceramic products. The company provides a variety of electronic products to customers in various industries in Japan. Its Electronics division produces semiconductors, SCR catalyst substrates, and other electronic components.

The Electronics segment produces printed circuit boards and designs PCB patterns. The Ceramics segment produces fine ceramic products and ceramic fibers. In addition to manufacturing products for electronic devices, Ibiden also produces automotive parts, electrical components, and other products. The company has offices in Tokyo and Gifu.

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